The Psi active body nominates band members for potential membership at the beginning of winter quarter. Those accepting their nomination are interviewed by active Brothers. Based on these interviews, the Psi Chapter decided whom to offer a bid for candidacy. Those accepting their bid begin the journey toward becoming an active Brother.

Prospective members are referred to as candidates, to avoid the derogatory connotations of “pledges.” The candidate process comprises several requirements. Candidates must interview thirty-or-so other fraternity and sorority members, ranging from actives and alumni to other candidates. They must also experience the responsibilities of being a Brother on a smaller scale; they plan and execute a service project, a fundraiser, a social event, and a joint event with the sorority candidates.

The candidates’ progress is marked by three ceremonies called Degrees. These ceremonies are closed to Fraternity members only and form a very meaningful part of Fraternity tradition. Only once the candidates have passed through Third Degree can they become active Brothers. Most recently, the Beta Phi class was initiated on April 14, 2018. Band members nominated during the 2018-2019 academic year will have the chance to join the Beta Chi candidate class.

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