Psi Goes Rollerblading


One of my favorite brotherhood bonding events this past Winter quarter was going Rollerblading in Northridge. The real standout of the afternoon was Director of Band Activities and Drum Major,  Mark Cunningham. He was able to skate backwards through the crowds of people at top speed. Some of the Brothers were not as skilled as Mark when it came to rollerblading; but everyone was able to have a fun day at Skateland. At the end of the afternoon, an anonymous Brother requested the famous ABBA song, “Dancing Queen” and dedicated it to none other than Mark. He truly was the rollerblading queen, young and sweet, that day. Towards the middle of the day, Skateland also put on a fun game for everyone, where rollerbladers had to race to pick up paper plates off of the rink. I made it to the final four of the game, where we had to race to pick up only one paper plate. However, I let a little kid win in my place. Afterwards, some of the Brothers met up for Blockheads as a special treat after all that skating. It was all-in-all a wonderful day to bond with Brothers!AEA,
Lily Krol, BΣ

The Downfall of Troy

This year, the Cal and UCLA bands joined forces to pound the evil Trojan empire into the ground once again. This historical (and hysterical) event received coverage on ESPN, the New York Times, and Sports Illustrated!
However, before any of this could happen, war preparations had to be made. Last spring, brothers and sisters took an inventory of Downfall of Troy supplies, and a couple weeks before the show this fall, conducted a test set-up of the horse and forged some new wooden swords.

Everything seemed just fine and dandy, when suddenly it was realized, a single week before the Cal game, that due to the changes made to the tunnel at the Rose Bowl and the time constraints we would be faced with, the wooden Trojan Horse would no longer work! But worry not, for our fearless Director of Service John Malchar was ready to guide us through this disaster!

Using PVC pipe, brothers and sisters constructed a new and improved frame for our beloved horse. With the addition of some duct tape patches on the tarp, he was ready to rock and roll again! And thus, many hours of service later, the wooden horse was dethroned, and the reign of his snazzy and very portable modern counterpart began.

Annie Cheng, BP
Treasurer 2014-2016

F2015_DOTService (1)

Director of Serivce John Malchar celebrates his masterpiece.

Performance at the Krieger Child Care Center

Just this past fall quarter, a small group of band members were selected to perform at the Krieger Child Care Center. For those of you who are unaware, Krieger Child Care is a center for “Early Care and Education”, or “ECE”. They provide a place of learning and development for very young children. The Krieger Center was having their annual fall picnic as the marching band arrived. The band walked into the picnic area where all the children and their parents were eating and having fun. The band formed the usual arc and performed a handful of stand tunes. The children absolutely adored it. They were even having their own little mosh pit right in front of the band. Thankfully, no one was hurt.After a couple of songs, one member from each instrument section introduced and exhibited their instrument by playing a ditty or excerpt from a stand tune. Next, they were invited to get more hands on and take a closer look at the instruments in person. The bass drum seemed to be the fan favorite that day. It was an excellent learning experience for the children (and possibly some parents.) The band was given a free meal afterwards, leaving with full stomachs and high spirits.

Eric Hernandez, BP

Locke High School and Psi

  LHSServiceDay (4)
Serving our university band program has always been a very important goal to the Psi chapter. However, last year, our director of service for the 2014-2015 school year, Caitlin Thompson, brought the same drive that our chapter has for our band to the band program of Locke High School, located in Los Angeles, California. Once Caitlin Thompson contacted the band director at Locke High School, Mr. Cotton, a bridge was formed that has allowed the Psi chapter to provide its aid in a wide variety of service activities. Last spring, Psi helped provide service to Locke High School in several ways, beginning first by repainting part of the campus. Also, Psi has helped by cataloging and organizing all of the Locke bands uniforms. While currently the high school does not have a marching band, band director Mr. Cotton aspires to soon gather members from the current music groups to form one. New Director of Service in the Psi chapter, John Malchar, has made it his goal to strengthen and expand the connection that his predecessor Caitlyn Thompson formed with Locke High School and has already done so by already leading service events. For example, during 8th week of UCLA’s fall quarter, groups of UCLA band members drove to Locke High School to help with sectionals. With it so early in the school year, I know great things are to come and I look forward to seeing the bond between the UCLA Marching Band and the Locke High School Band become stronger and stronger.  

Tony Resigno, BΣ
Music Chair 2015-2016

Halloween Show 2015

In the staff meeting before band camp, Gordon surprisingly revealed that for the Halloween game, the band would get to wear costumes during the halftime performance.Preparation for the Halloween Show began during band camp, when drum major Tony Rescigno (BΣ) started teaching each section the Thriller Dance during sectionals. The dance was over 100 counts long, and took a long time for the whole band to have it in sync. In the week leading up to the show, the band got more and more comfortable with the move, and began getting excited to perform in costumes in the Rose Bowl on Saturday. On the day of the game, the band had a full rehearsal in costumes before the game, and learned how difficult it would be to march in unwieldy costumes. The rehearsal helped work out some kinks with the Thriller Dance, and the TAs made sure each member was making the dance exciting in order to project the movements into the stands.  

As halftime approached, band members changed into their costumes and headed to the field. The show started with the theme from The Munsters, then the band made a pumpkin on the field and played The Addam’s Family Theme. Ghostbusters was next, where the color guard ran around the field in white sheets and drum majors Adam Fletcher (BO) and Tony Rescigno, who were wearing Ghostbusters costumes, chased the color guard around and sprayed them with fire extinguishers. This portion of the show was the first time the crowd seemed engaged in the show, gaining some laughter and claps. Next, Thriller began. The arrangement started with the main hook of the song, which immediately woke the crowd up. As the song continued, the band started walking like zombies into a block spanning 100 yards. As soon as the crowd saw the zombie walk, they started clapping in anticipation. When the dance started, the crowd got even louder. On the iconic Thriller move, the crowd responded more. Then when the band picked their instruments up to play the Thriller hook one more time, the crowd went crazy. After the last note, the crowd applauded and cheered wildly! The show had one of the best crowd reactions in my four years of marching band.

Nick Thompson, ΒΠ
President 2015-2016

Tri-Chapter Event: Dodger Game!


This past Spring, Zack Jones, a new active of the Beta Rho class, made history on May 9, 2014 when he hosted the first ever Tri-Chapter event with the Brothers of Kappa Kappa Psi, the Sisters of Tau Beta Sigma, and the Brothers of the Sinfonia Fraternity, Phi Mu Alpha. Zack arranged for members of all three chapters to attend a Dodger game together. Ready and eager to see the Dodgers take on the San Francisco Giants, the Brothers and Sisters drove from Westwood to Chavez Ravine for an exciting night at the ballpark.

The Brothers and Sisters took in the game from the reserve level of Dodger Stadium, while enjoying ice cream and several Dodger dogs. Dressed in their letters as well as their Dodger and Giant apparel alike, Brothers and Sisters who’ve

New Active/Active Basketball Game 2014


Beta Xi’s quest for imperfection hit the courts of Saxon on a mild evening in Spring Quarter 2014. The new actives, Beta Rho, arrived with one goal in their minds, hearts, and nostrils: total domination of the old actives. The storylines were set, and basketball could begin.

The old actives trotted out to a standing ovation from the roaring crowd, and with the tip-off the game was underway. Nick “Is that David Brown?” Thompson scored the first three points of the game for the old actives, showing versatility with jump shots and drives. After a slow start, the new actives began to put in more effort. Behind “Marky” Mark Cunningham’s bruising post game and Nick “D-Nutz” DiNiro’s unorthodox jumper and even more unorthodox eating habits, the new actives began to get themselves back into the game.

The old actives decided to change things up by bringing in fresh legs. “Lil” Kim Liang and Noah “De” Moss came into the game, with everyone else questioning the decision to let them on the court. But Noah De “Moss” used his operatic ingenuity to the old active’s advantage. While tying his shoe, he effectively set a screen for the ball handler to break free of the stalwart defense, and for the old actives to push their lead back to 3. “Noah” DeMoss would later leave his last career game to chants of ‘MVP…MVP…MVP’ from the crowd.

With the score 29-26 and the Beta Rho class gaining on the old actives, the old actives grew desperate to make the right play to secure their victory. With all Beta Xi Brothers in, Noah DeMoss’ great defensive play set up the old actives to finish the game, but they still needed to work together to end the game and the grimacing losing streak of the Beta Xi class. After establishing a perimeter setup and several effective passes, the ball landed in the hands of the one and only Josh Daniel “The Admiral” Epport at the top of the key. “The Admiral” fires a shot that soars through the air for what seems like forever. Then, a resounding roar from the crowd boomed as the ball swishes through the net and the old actives storm the court.

The new actives got help from Herman “Get in my van” Lu, as he arrived late. He brought solid ball handling and defense to the new actives, but the old actives continued to put pressure on the new actives with good minutes from Tommy “The ARO” Reyes, Thomas “Freaking Tall” Lindblom, “Big” Mack Dimler, Derek “Chun” Wun, and Ben “Nick” Thompson.

All in all it was a hard fought game, but the new actives could never quite take the lead.

Final: Old Actives 30, Beta Rho 26.

Quest for imperfection: imperfect.

Beach House 2014


Brother Justin Hang dives in a game of Ultimate Frisbee, approved making his case for Sportscenter’s Top 10. The exhilarating contest was one of many intense and heart-racing moments that fueled the incredible weekend known as the one and only Beach House!

Here you are, riding in the back seat of Beach House guru Michelle Monroe’s sporty sedan. You haven’t been this excited for anything since your first day of band camp at UCLA, and now you’re just a few miles away from the weekend of your life. You’ve spent the past half hour singing along to the Beach House Music Mystery playlist, boasting such favorites as Ke$ha’s “Die Young” and Avicii’s “Wake Me Up.” You break out of your rock-star fantasy just in time to spot it in the distance. Your destination.

With duffel bag in tow, you take the initial walk-through of the house, and quickly realize that it’s far, far better than you could have imagined. There, on the first floor, is Party Central. A plush couch beckons your weary soul; a sturdy, colorful foosball table craves your attention; an indoor hot tub and sauna foreshadow hours of relaxing socialization. You climb the stairs to the second floor and encounter another large open space for gatherings, well-stocked with furniture. You drop off your belongings in a bunk-bedded room before meeting more brothers in the kitchen. They sit beside stacks of board games, and as you look over buildings of Dominion boxes (courtesy of Cameron Lundy) and Uno decks (courtesy of many), your heart beats just a little faster in anticipation. The third and final floor includes more large bedrooms and a state of the art telescope! Even more impressive, however, is the spectacular view of the beach from the third-floor deck. You lean over the deck railing, looking all the way to the left and all the way to the right, seeing no end to the shoreline. You hear the gentle crashing of waves within running distance. You smell the salty perfume permeating the coastal atmosphere. This, you think to yourself, is paradise.

You wake up the next morning, after an incredible night of fun and games. A rich pancake breakfast fuels you for the upcoming Prisonball game. You travel with your comrades on the short trip across the beach to the volleyball net. Beach House veteran Derek Wun ceremonially explains the rules of the game. Soon enough, you and your brothers are divided into two teams; Beta Xi and Beta Rho vs. Beta Omicron and Beta Pi. Your heart drops in intimidation at the sight of the stacked team on the other side of the court, but your confidence in your own team reinvigorates you. After several rounds of catches and misses, your team is lacking in manpower. You see many of your friends imprisoned on the sideline. Before you know it, the ball is literally in your court, in your hands. Your brothers (well, half of them) are counting on you. Do you go for the systematic takedown of the other team, or bolster your own team by releasing prisoners? All at once, you feel the stars align in the vast reaches of space. You take advantage of this opportune moment as you inhale sharply, let out a savage “PRISON BREAK!!”, and toss the volleyball over the net. You watch it sail through the air for a brief second, skimming by the sweaty palms of your panic-stricken opponents. As it touches down on the well-trodden sand, your jubilant teammates rush from the sidelines, cheering and ready to prove themselves in sport once more. Before long, your team emerges victorious in the most unlikely Prisonball comeback ever.

The rest of the weekend is filled with games, adventures, home-cooked food, puns, and bonding. You revel in Psi chapter traditions as old as time itself. Your sense of kinship in the brotherhood grows.

At long last, the weekend is over. Where does the time go? The ride back to UCLA is traffic-free and you get there in record time. As much as you love being at school, you can’t shake that soft, yearning feeling. You want to go back to Beach House. Alas, that will have to wait until next year. For now, you have memories and inside jokes to last for a good while. But more importantly, you have a group of brothers with whom you can have fun, feel included, and trust completely. And that will last you the rest of your life.

Psi Frat Party!

Photo Credit to Bill Greenwald

Photo Credit to Bill Greenwald

On Friday, April 18th, the brothers of the Psi chapter donned their most ridiculously stereotypical frat boy clothing—as this lovely picture of our swagged out President Cameron Lundy depicts—and partied it up on the roof of 747 Gayley. Complete with chips and flaming-hot salsa, an impressive variety of sodas, red Solo cups, water pong and survivor flip cup (with soda), a stunning view of Westwood, and of course, the wonderful Psi members themselves, our frat party put all other frat parties to shame. A huge thank-you to Brotherhood Relations Officer Michelle Monroe for organizing this awesome event!