Officers and Committees

Kappa Kappa Psi is a national honorary band service fraternity. The Psi Chapter is its presence at UCLA. The organization operates on many levels to fulfill its purposes and serve college bands.

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Our Chapter accomplishes all that it does because of careful planning and division of duties. The events, actions, and operations of our chapter are handled by committees, each chaired by an officer.

Elected Officers

Elected Officers exist to organize committees and keep our organization running behind the scenes. They serve one year terms and are elected annually. The Psi Chapter has twelve elected officers:


Tia Liu

The Chapter President is the official representative of our Chapter in all matters and is responsible for its administration. They preside over chapter meetings and oversee chapter operations and the activities of its officers.

Vice President

Joey Auer

The Vice President is responsible for the education and training of all members of the fraternity, organizing lessons for the enrichment of the active body, educating and training prospective members, and guiding candidates toward initiation into the Fraternity.


Jacob Hambalek

The Sergeant-At-Arms is responsible for ensuring that the Psi Chapter Constitution is upheld, that Kappa Kappa Psi Ritual is properly organized, and that meeting order is maintained.

Director of Service

Harry Mitchell

The Director of Service is responsible for the planning and executing of all Chapter service projects.

Director of Music

Emma Boone

The Director of Music is responsible for promoting continued involvement in music performance and exposure, as well as encouraging superior musicianship within Chapter.


David Thorne

The Treasurer is in charge of controlling Chapter’s finances, including establishing and maintaining a chapter budget and ledger.

Brotherhood Relations Officer

Daniel Adea

The Brotherhood Relations Officer helps cultivate a spirit of brotherhood among the members of our Chapter.

Director of Brotherhood/Sisterhood Relations

Eric Wong

The Director of Brotherhood/Sisterhood Relations is the liaison between the Psi Chapter and the Epsilon Kappa Chapter of Tau Beta Sigma, which entails coordinating brotherhood/sisterhood events and evaluating the bond between our two chapters.

Director of Band Activities

Christopher Qiu

The Director of Band Activities plans and organizes social activities for the UCLA Bruin Marching Band.


Daniel Fernandez

The Secretary records the minutes of Chapter meetings, manages correspondence with other chapters, and maintains the Chapter roster.

Alumni Relations Officer

Haley Nelson

The Alumni Relations Officer is the liaison between the Active Brothers and Alumni Brothers, which entails inviting alumni to events, informing the alumni of Chapter happenings and achievements, and distributing a quarterly newsletter.


Justin Nguyen

The Historian maintains and helps to record and ongoing record of our Chapter, creates display boards for the campus and district events, and manages our yearbook.


Appointed Officers

In addition to the eleven elected officers, other positions may be created as needed.


Erica Vellanoweth

The Webmaster develops and maintains this website and our Chapter’s electronic mailing list and assists with other technological projects.



Each committee is chaired by an officer and specializes in an aspect of the fraternity. By splitting up the responsibilities, we make sure everyone has a job and everything gets done. Although Brothers are assigned committees, they may attend the meetings of any committees they choose. The Psi Chapter has eleven standing committees:


Chaired by the Vice President: Joey Auer

The membership committee is responsible for revising the New-Membership Education Process, researching persons for honorary membership, developing a post-membership education program, and overseeing and assisting the Vice President during the candidate process.

Constitution & Ritual

Chaired by the Sergeant-at-Arms: Jacob Hambalek

The Constitution & Ritual committee is responsible for reviewing and revising the Psi Chapter Constitution and for preparing for and organizing Ceremonies.


Chaired by the Director of Service: Harry Mitchell

The service committee is responsible for the planning and executing of all Chapter service projects.


Chaired by the Music Chair: Emma Boone

The music committee is responsible for fostering an appreciation for music from each member of Chapter through the execution of a variety of music related activities.


Chaired by the Treasurer: David Thorne

The fundraising committee is in charge of planning and executing Chapter fundraisers.


Chaired by the Brotherhood Relations Officer: Daniel Adea

The brotherhood committee explores ways to strengthen the brotherhood of our Chapter.


Chaired by the Director of Brotherhood/Sisterhood Relations: Eric Wong

The brotherhood/sisterhood committee plans and executes Brotherhood/Sisterhood events, working with the Brotherhood/Sisterhood Committee of Epsilon Kappa as necessary.


Chaired by the Director of Band Activities: Christopher Qiu

The social committee plans and executes social activities for the UCLA Bruin Marching Band.


Chaired by the Secretary: Daniel Fernandez

The correspondence committee communicates with other chapters and updates the social media platform for Chapter.


Chaired by the Alumni Relations Officer: Haley Nelson

The alumni committee plans events for actives and alumni, prepares the Encore newsletter for distribution, and discusses ways to strengthen the relationship between actives and alumni.


Chaired by the Historian: Justin Nguyen

The historical committee maintains a written and pictorial record of our Chapter and the UCLA bands, updates the Chapter yearbook, and creates displays on campus and at National and District Conventions.