What We Do

The Psi Chapter is always busy. We do service projects, host social events for our band members, and fundraise to make it all happen. Here are some of the main things we do as a Chapter:

Service Projects

  • Band Camp Water

    During the blazing hot Septembers, the first exposure band members get to the service done by ΚΚΨ is the water we provide during band camp. It’s a refreshing project that benefits everyone in our band.

  • Tower Construction

    tower2Throughout the season, while we rehearse on the field our director gets to see the big picture by surveying the field from atop the tower, a 25-foot tall metal structure with a staircase leading up to it. Brothers set up and take down the tower every season.

  • Snack Packing

    Whenever an opposing school’s band travels to one of our home football games, brothers and sisters from the band sorority make snack bags for them. We decorate the paper bags with fun messages from our band and then deliver them at half-time. It’s a fun way to meet other bands in our conference.

  • Lab School Performances

    school-gigAdjacent to campus is UCLA’s lab school. A band of brothers and sisters from the band sorority play at the elementary students’ carnival every year. We get to help the youth in the UCLA committee and share music with them.

  • Caroling

    For the past several years, a small group of brothers and sisters from the band sorority have caroled through the halls of UCLA’s Mattel Children’s Hospital at Christmastime. We give back to our local community and spread cheer to the children.

  • High School Band Camps

    Over the summer, brothers across California volunteer to help instruct high school band camps, teach marching fundamentals, clean drill formations, and run sectionals.

  • Trojan Horse Construction

    Every four years, the UCLA Bruin Marching Band performs their Downfall of Troy show, featuring a full-size Trojan horse. Brothers design the horse to be sturdy, light, and easy to disassemble. Come see it in person during our 2019 season.

Social Events

  • Band Camp Icebreakers

    It can be intimidating as a freshman to join a huge band, and we help make everyone feel welcome. Together with the band sorority, we help everyone meet each other and settle in to life in Westwood. Usual events include a trip to Diddy Riese (locally renowned for their ice cream sandwiches), an ice cream social and icebreaker, a games night or movie night, and a hemming party for band members to learn how to hem uniforms that don’t fit quite right.

  • Band Banquet

    We held our inaugural banquet this past fall to conclude our marching season. Band members and directors from every section turned up to eat, win silly awards, and enjoy a slideshow of photos from the season.

  • Assassins

    Brothers and sisters from the band sorority organize Band Assassins every winter. Those who participate must kill their assigned target with a sticker. Last person alive wins! Paranoia grows, but it also introduces people to other band members they may not have met during marching season.



  • Bake Sale

    The night before a bake sale, brothers group in apartments to cook brownies and cookies or our famous cookie-brownies and magic cake. In shifts the next morning we sell the goodies on Bruinwalk, the main path through campus. Brothers spend quality time baking and selling together in addition to funding our other projects.

  • TV Tapings

    At UCLA, we’re located close to several Hollywood studios and have the unique opportunity to fundraise by attending TV tapings. Studios pay for people to fill the audience and provide laugh tracks. Although tapings can run several hours, dedicated groups of brothers and sisters from the band sorority have watched game shows, sitcoms, talk shows, and America’s Funniest Home Videos and even seen new pilots taped before they air on TV.

  • T-Shirt Sales

    Brothers and sisters from the band sorority combine artistic talents to design shirts to sell to the band and UCLA community. Publicizing the sale, taking pre-orders, and printing and distributing shirts is a big logistical undertaking. Our usual designs include Band Mom and Band Dad shirts, biennial band season shirts, and popular SUC shirts — because what Bruin doesn’t love a shirt bashing their cross-town rival?