Hello Alumni!

Welcome to the Fall Edition of the Encore! Another quarter has drawn to a close and with it another football and marching season. We got to see some exciting games at the Rose Bowl, including a very exciting win against SC!!! The summer was full of the usual bustle of band camp activities and welcoming a wonderful new class of freshmen. As a chapter, we got back into the swing of things with many amazing service events and even participated in a few district-wide social media challenges! Perhaps most important, we put on some fun recruitment events, and the great turnout allowed us to get to know many wonderful people from the band who could be members of our next candidate class!

On that note, here are the degree dates for next quarter! Please note: there has been some issues around the date for First Degree, so it’s possible the date will be moved (possibly to Friday the 18th, or something else near the 19th). As soon as I get more info about this and knock-in times I’ll let you guys know, so keep an eye on your emails!!

First Degree: Saturday, January 19th (could change, knock-in TBA)

Second Degree: Saturday, March 2nd (knock-in TBA)

Third Degree: Saturday, April 13th (knock-in TBA)

Thanks everyone! We hope you enjoy the Encore, and I’m looking forward to a wonderful Winter quarter with the candidate process (and a new Degree-centered event for all of you)! Have a happy and healthy New Year, and I hope to see many of you soon!


Haley Nelson, BY

Alumni Relations Officer 2018-2019