UCLA Marching Band Service

This quarter, we kicked off the school year with some good-old fashioned band service during band camp – water for band camp! Around 8 to 8:30 every morning before band camp, members from the Psi chapter of KKPsi and from the Epsilon Kappa Chapter of TBS would fill up Powerade jugs with ice and water from the athletic center and run them, on carts, over to the IM field, providing water for the thirsty band members who either didn’t have water or ran out. This helped tremendously, as some days were very hot. We had snack-packing events for every home game as well, and made snack packs for the entirety of the UCLA marching band for the UCLA v. USC game at the Coliseum.

Besides water for band camp, we also had our usual concert receptions, as well as a new service project introduced last year – Schoenberg resets! Though we only had one concert reception this year, Schoenberg resets happened every several weeks, a responsibility that we shared with Tau Beta Sigma and Phi Mu Alpha, another music fraternity. The resets were a service project designed to help our sponsor, Dr. Travis Cross, keep the Schoenberg classrooms organized and tidy. After our weekly meetings, we would make sure each classroom’s desks were set in neat rows and made sure all the chairs and stands were in the room that they belonged in. We also helped Dr. Cross take down old posters that were no longer relevant to the students.

We also carried out a new service project this year, Ropes for E-crew! It was a project where Psi and EK members created ropes that were the exact length of the yard lines so the Equipment Crew could draw equal hashes on the practice field at the Rose Bowl. At least five were made and had a variety of lengths.

All in all, it was an incredibly service-packed quarter!