The Bond

Instead of this Encore article discussing a single event that happened this past quarter, it details several events that promoted the Bond and the goals Kyle and I had when we started out as DOBSRs. A main goal that we had when we were first elected was to have brothers and sisters form friendships via the Bond that they wouldn’t have before. To have individuals connect because of an organizational bond like ours speaks greatly about the environment we have built here.

The first event this quarter was Family Feud Viewing and Play-Along! The event took place during third week, an opportune time to build relationships that can be sustained throughout the marching season. Brothers and sisters had to answer questions from TV’s own Steve Harvey, with points being awarded for correct answers and rankings, and the winners were rewarded with a  candy bag prize. This event ushered in multiple good friendships between brothers and sisters who had never met before, including Haley Nelson (2nd year) of Psi and Alexa Camacho Sanchez (2nd year) of EK who won the game as a team! Without that event, these adorable pictures wouldn’t have been taken!

The last event of the quarter to emphasize How Far We’ve Come was the biggest one: The Murder Mystery Party! This was a big production, where groups of brothers and sisters played Christmas-Themed Characters to either kill Santa (me), sabotage his workshop, or run around with no clue of the nefarious ongoings. This was placed at the end of the quarter so that individuals could use memories of the quarter and the connections they built to enjoy themselves! The point of this event wasn’t to create new relationships, but rather to celebrate the bonds we hold already. You can see that clearly in this photo of John Lassetter (3rd year) and Kayleigh Hart (3rd year). 10 points if you can guess which Holidays these two are “mascots” for.

Overall, the Bond is at a good place now. Relationships are constantly being formed and next quarter, 2nd Degree allows us to celebrate that bond again. I hope you take the time to contact your opposite big and/or little to let them know that you are happy to be their big/little. If you have any fun alumni Bond stories, please reach out to our ARO, John Malchar! With that said and in conclusion, MLITB.