Summer Service

Summer 2017 was an incredibly busy and successful time for the Psi Chapter in terms of service. Throughout late July and early August, brothers helped out at both Long Beach Poly and Taft High School during their summer band camps. Brothers acted as marching guides, music technicians, and leadership models during those weeks and the event was a great experience for everyone involved. Later in the summer, members of both the Psi and EK chapters held a snack-packing event for the first game of the season against Texas A&M, where we prepared bags of food for the visiting band. A&M’s whopping 400-piece band took 8 hours to pack for, but the smiles and gratitude on the Aggies faces were worth every second.

In addition to those landmark events, we also served at smaller events that directly benefit our own band and members. This included writing postcards to our newly admitted band members congratulating them on their achievement, helping out the Band Crew Heads with various tasks, assisting new band members as they moved into their new dorms, and supplying water to the entire band for the two weeks of band camp. These events were amazing ways for our brothers to get involved and the start of what is surely going to be a year full of meaningful service and growth in our chapter.