Band Camp Activities

After a quick summer off, the Solid Gold Sound reunited in September for Band Camp 2017! This year, Drumline and Color Guard members were greeted (a day early) with a free breakfast at Schoenberg, courtesy of Psi and EK! The next day, brothers and sisters stationed around the hill answered questions and helped freshmen find their dorms. We also held our traditional Band Camp Pizza Party, complete with Costco pizza (the BEST pizza) and refreshments. This was a great opportunity for new members to get to know their sections before hanging out with them for a week and a half straight! On Tuesday, brothers and sisters of PsiEK hosted the annual Diddy Riese Run, where all members were encouraged to head over and enjoy a delicious Westwood tradition together. A few days later, we threw a fun Hemming Party and Hail Learning after rehearsal. After a few runs, Hail sounded better than ever, and a lot of new members were still hemming their new uniforms as late as midnight! (Gotta look good when you’re on the field in the Rose Bowl!)

Unlike other years, we had the unique opportunity to travel with the full band to NorCal DURING Band Camp for the UCLA vs. Stanford game! For this, we drove up Friday morning and had a free night in San Francisco. Many sections explored the City together, hitting all the good spots like Pier 39, the Ferry Building, Ghirardelli Square, and even the Golden Gate Bridge! Although we ended up losing the football game, it was awesome to go on a big trip like this before having to worry about classes, homework, and midterms!

To finish off Band Camp, Psi and EK hosted an Ice Cream Social in Sunset Village to encourage bandmembers to get to know people outside their sections. Overall, events and activities like this brought the band closer together, which boosted hype during Band Camp got us through an interesting football season! This year, we prepared four shows at Band Camp: the Panic! At The Disco show, California Show, Patriotic Show, High School Band Day, and Pregame of course! Check out the hyperlinks to see what we put together.