Escape Room Adventure

On May 28, 18 brothers went to the MagIQ Escape Rooms in Los Angeles. Separated into two groups of 9, we found ourselves locked inside the brig of an abandoned pirate ship. Each group used their wits to solve puzzles and retrieve keys, codes, and number combinations from the many challenges within the rooms.

Both groups managed to escape from the room without using any hints, a feat that was apparently achieved by only forty percent of all groups that entered. Go Psi! The first group finished in 46 minutes, and the second group finished in 49 minutes (out of an allotted 60 minutes). As a participant, the escape room was a great bonding experience that encouraged teamwork and communication between brothers working towards a common goal!

left to right: Adam Cobb, William Shu, Haley Nelson, David Egen, Harry Michell, Justin Hang, Alexis Korb, Jade McVay, Brotherhood Relations Officer Tracy Lahey

back row (left to right): Sukhi Bassi, John Malchar, Matt Wu, Justin Wolfman, John Lassetter, Mike Stranieri; front row (left to right): Julia Karstens, Keegan Fowler, Casey Armstrong