Dinner for Alumni & Actives

left to right: John Malchar, Julia Karstens, Josh Epport

This spring, I had the privilege of attending a Dinner for Alumni & Actives (based on UCLA’s Dinner for 12 Strangers), graciously hosted by Josh Epport, Psi alumnus and former tuba and tenor saxophone player in the UCLA Band. While guests trickled in, Josh toured us around a room in his backyard that houses such amazing artifacts as a picture of Josh with John Wooden, a fooseball table, and a dart board that everyone in attendance loved.

Once everyone had settled in, we enjoyed a dinner of Middle Eastern foods such as falafel, pita, Greek salad, and hummus, along with desserts like blue and yellow script UCLA jello. While quite a few of the attendees of this event were indeed strangers, in time conversation began flowing. Topics ranged from stories about band and Psi to whether cereal is a soup. The conversation continued from around 6:00pm all the way to around 10:00pm. After that, all of us tired guests left the Epport residence to return to the routine of our various lives.

What did I think of Dinner for Alumni & Actives, you might ask? I’ll be honest. I did not enter this event in the greatest of moods. I had an organic chemistry midterm the next day for which I felt completely unprepared, and the thought of that was the only thing on my mind at the time. However, after experiencing Dinner for Alumni & Actives, I can easily say that it was one of my favorite Psi events of the quarter. The combination of amazing food, free-flowing conversation with people I had never met or did not yet know well, memorable stories, and a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere made the dinner truly enjoyable despite the stress of my midterm. For that reason, we hope to continue planning similar events next year so that more Psi actives and alumni get to enjoy the experience!

left to right: Cameron Lundy, John Malchar, Julia Karstens, Omer Lavian