Brotherhood-Sisterhood Week

Brotherhood/Sisterhood week happens every year in the Spring to celebrate PsiEK and the bonds between brothers and sisters. This year’s B/S week consisted of 4 days of events: PsiEK Newlywed Game, PsiEK Date Night, B/S Roller Skating, and B/S Ceremony. Even though it was week eight and brothers and sisters were busy with finals and other end of the quarter activities, there was a great turnout for all of the events!

We had four teams come out and play the Newlywed Game. Each team consisted of one brother and one sister, and they had to answer a range of questions from “What’s your favorite color?” and “Would you rather have two noses, or no nose?” I was definitely impressed by how well each team knew one another, but the big sister/little brother duo of Justin Wolfman and Kayleigh Hart ended up winning. The prize: bragging rights.

For PsiEK Date Night, we attended a profit share at TLT, followed by a visit to the Hammer Museum. This was my first time going to both TLT and the Hammer Museum, and I had a great time eating delicious food, posing with art, and hanging out with my brothers and sisters.

B/S Roller Skating had a Throwback Thursday theme, and brothers and sisters were belting lyrics to 90s music as they skated around the roller rink. Mark Cunningham was especially graceful while he skated, but Tabetha Van Heest came ready to skate with her own roller blades!

The week ended with the B/S ceremony. The ceremony gives brothers and sisters a chance to reflect on the week and to better define what the bond means to them as individuals. As DOBSR, it was awesome to be able to be a reader in the ceremony that I was so fond of when I first attended last year. B/S week went especially well this year, and that would not have been possible if it wasn’t for everyone who attended!