Beach House

Beach. Ocean. Sand. Oxnard. Brotherhood. Food. You don’t even have to buy a vowel to know that we’re talking about BEACH HOUSE 2017! Now get ready, sit down, and buckle up. Let’s get this kicking.

A huge thank you to the people that made this year’s Beach House happen. First, to alumnus Noah DeMoss, thank you for being an absolutely fantastic host. You’re hilarious, energetic, and—barring a certain song sung at 8am on Sunday morning—managed to entertain everyone with your charisma. We can’t thank him enough for helping plan the event and kicking it for a weekend.

WAIT! There’s one more person who deserves our thanks: Brotherhood Relations Officer Tracy Lahey! She was the mastermind behind the event, down to forms, rides, sign-ups; you name it, she organized it.

Starting Friday morning, brothers piled as many people, sleeping bags, clothes, board games, friendship, and—most importantly—FOOD into whatever space they could find in their cars. Cars began leaving from Westwood early, jammin’ to the Beach House Playlist, and before noon, the 2017 edition of Beach House already saw brothers at the door. The house was incredible, and the view was unbeatable. By the time evening rolled around, the house was filled to the brim with brothers, ready to kick back and spend time with each other. Although at some point during the night, the sound of a troupe of brothers playing recorders honked out from the upper floors, most of the night was devoted to playing board games and eating pasta.

To start off Saturday, the legendary breakfast crew cooked up bowls upon bowls of buttery scrambled eggs, flapjacks a-plenty, and coffee by the gallon to sate everyone’s hunger. We all ate together like one big, happy family starting a morning. Before lunch, brothers trekked out to the volleyball net to play a game of prison-break. After the game, some brothers went for a chilly swim, some brothers headed back to the house, and other brothers continued playing volleyball.The rest of the day was spent game-playing, napping, long conversations, and food eating. Brothers played Bananagrams, NBA 2k16, Heads Up, Combat Uno, Ping Pong, Chess, and any board or card game you can think of.

We had some fat, delicious burritos for dinner, and Michie Leccese brewed up some incredible HOMEMADE HORCHATA. Ay dios mio was it savory. After dinner, we all sat down to recognize our seniors and get to know each other better through our traditional post-dinner chapter bonding activity. The next morning, everyone pitched in to clean, and we had an intense auction of our unused food. Mayonnaise, bread, baked goods, and farm fresh produce were sold like wildfire. 

For me, as a new active, Beach House was a surreal, ethereal weekend. It was, without a doubt, the most relaxing point of my Spring quarter, and I felt a level of connection with brothers I’m unsure that I’ve ever felt before with anyone. Despite winds sandblasting us on Saturday, brothers played soccer outside. Despite school stress and differing levels of extroversion , brothers made conversation and connected with brothers they had not previously known well.

While I’m not sure anyone wanted to leave the beach on Sunday to head back to exams and stress, I am sure that everyone is already looking forward to next year’s edition of Beach House. Beach House, to put it simply, was incredible. Thank you Noah, thank you Tracy, and thank you to all brothers for making Beach House 2017 a time to remember.