Alumni Spotlights

This Spring, we continued interviewing Psi Chapter alumni. It was fantastic getting to know all of you! As always, we would love to hear from more of you. If you would like to chat with the Alumni Relations Committee, just leave your name and email address HERE!

Here are some highlights from this quarter’s alumni interviews:

Jason Scapa (ΒΛ)
Years in Psi:
Big Brother:
Chris Ah San
Little Brothers: Kasia Johnson, Mandee Selnick
Officer Positions: Alumni Relations Officer, Parliamentarian at Western District and National Conventions
Major: Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology
Jason is currently finishing up his medical residency at UCLA, where he also attended medical school. In his free time, he follows just about every UCLA sport and enjoys attending football games with other alumni brothers. One of his favorite Psi service activities was washing tubas in a kiddie pool for a band instrument cleaning service project.

Eric Kveton (ΒΛ)
Years in Psi: 2008-2011
Big Brother: Alex Bergman
Little Brother(s): Katrina Madlansacay
Officer Positions: Sergeant at Arms, liaison for Fullerton College ΚΚΨ colony
Major: Applied Mathematics
Eric currently works at E-STET, a legal technology firm. In his free time, he writes and edits a hockey blog. He also enjoys running, board games, and seeking out new music. During his time as an active member of the Psi Chapter, his favorite service activity was helping students at local high school band camps improve their musicianship and marching.

Michael Miller (ΒΙ)
Instrument: Clarinet
Years in Psi: 2006-2008
Big Brother: Chris Tanja
Little Brother: Alex Bergman
Major: Physics
Michael lives in Boston, Massachusetts and works at Axiom Learning, an education center that provides students with one-on-one tutoring. He enjoys helping kids reach the point where they feel in control of their own learning process. Outside of work, he is an avid baseball fan and has visited all 30 major ballparks! While an active member of Psi, his favorite service project was a music outreach event for grade school students, at which brothers performed for the students and showed them how instruments work.

Jason Barbato (ΒΚ)
Instrument: Tuba
Years in Psi: 2007-2010
Big Brother: Gabby Mocilnikar
Little Brothers: Andrew Ge, Zachary Johnson, Sean Sabino
Officer Positions: Sergeant at Arms
Majors: Geography, Economics
After finishing his undergraduate degree, Jason went on to attend law school, also at UCLA. He currently works at the Bergman Dacey Goldsmith law firm. In his free time, he enjoys hiking, kayaking, visiting National Parks, playing board games with a club of board-game-loving former band members, watching Netflix, and reading. His favorite service project during his time as an active member of Psi was assisting with sectionals and marching at a local high school band camp. Fun fact: Jason is the tuba player on the cover of the UCLA Marching Band’s CD!