Alumni-Active Networking Night

When I was a third year student panicking about my future as I watched all of my peers pick up amazing internships, I leaped onboard when I heard about a UCLA-hosted networking night for non-profit organizations.

Actives Jade McVay and Julia Karstens speed-network with alumni Cameron Lundy and Adam Fletcher. PC: Kimberlie Liang

It was awful. Everywhere I turned, fellow students were engaged in conversations with organization representatives and handing out their résumés, completely at home. I, on the other hand, might as well have been lost on another continent.

When I planned the Psi Alumni-Active Networking Night, I wanted to make sure that first-time networkers got a much less jarring introduction to networking. Who better to start networking with than older, wiser brothers who had once been in our shoes and wouldn’t judge when we floundered?

We began with brief introductions, followed by several rounds of “Speed Networking,” in which active-alumni pairs spent five minutes sharing career goals and experiences. During the second half of the event, actives and alumni mingled freely, continuing conversations begun during Speed Networking. Though the turnout was smaller than I had hoped, it was a valuable experience, especially for the actives for whom this was their first exposure to professional networking. A huge thank you to the alumni in attendance: Cameron Lundy, Anthony Sanchez, Josh Epport, Jorge Parra, Kimberlie Liang, Jason Barbato, Adam Fletcher, and Jason Scapa!

If you would like to get involved in Psi networking, join our LinkedIn Group, and look out for future networking events!