State Days

On the first weekend of this past February, several brothers and sisters from PsiEK traveled up to Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo to Calivada (California + Nevada) State Days. The trip began on Friday, as 25 brothers and sisters from PsiEK hit the road for SLO. Friday night consisted of games such as Let’s Dance, Jenga, and Werewolf as brothers and sisters from the district started to arrive throughout the evening.

On Saturday, the main activities of the weekend ensued after a brief but good night’s sleep thanks to our wonderful hosts. After meeting up for breakfast in the music building, all attendees split up into two groups to do activities in the area. The first group went on a photo scavenger hunt through downtown San Luis Obispo. Participants were given a list of people, places, or things to find and had to explore the streets and take pictures. The second group went on a beach picnic. First, we all stopped by a restaurant named Sylvester’s and got some delicious cheeseburgers! Next, we went to Montaña de Oro state beach to enjoy our food by the ocean. Once we finished eating, several of us went to climb the rocks and get a nice, scenic view of the area.

Saturday afternoon was time for the weekend’s music activity. We were broken up into both a band and a choir in order to learn the Western District Joint Hymn, “The Spirit of the West.” After spending about an hour learning and practicing our parts, we got together to record the hymn. Once finished, we had some free time to explore the city before going to our evening activities.

Once again, there were two different options for evening activities. First, several brothers and sisters went to watch the Cal Poly band play at their Men’s Basketball game against the UC Riverside Highlanders. The band sounded great, although the Mustangs ended up losing the game. Those who did not go to the game went line dancing to country music in Cal Poly’s Student Union. Everyone had a ton of fun and spent a lot of time there until they reluctantly had to leave for the evening’s concluding activity.

After both of those activities, we all gathered back in the band room to sing each organization’s hymn, sing our school fight songs, and take pictures. Then we headed back to our hosts’ homes to get some well-deserved rest. In the morning, we got breakfast and started the drive back to UCLA, making it back just in time to watch the Superbowl, or to just catch up on homework and sleep. Overall, Calivada State Days 2017 was an excellent weekend that brothers and sisters from PsiEK, as well as many of our candidates, enjoyed!

Photos By: Michie Lecesse

Psi actives and candidates at Calivada State Days 2017! (from left to right, back row: Chris O’Connor, Vito Emanuel, Jordan Tinker, John Lassetter, Joey Auer, David Egen, Harry Mitchell, Justin Nguyen, Michael Stranieri, Keegan Fowler, Matthew Chin; second row: Daniel Fernandez, Alexis Korb, Jade McVay, Sofia Alemania; first row: Megan Clark, Julia Karstens, Christine Hirata, Michie Lecesse, Amanda Albini)