Richland Elementary School

Jacob Hambalek (BT) shares his music and band experiences with the students.

On February 10th, members of Psi and EK visited Richland Elementary School to play for the young students there. To say they were excited to see us would be an understatement. As we assembled our instruments in the parking lot, the children swarmed the fence to watch us.

The teacher who Emily Tsai, EK Director of Service and Music, had worked with to make this wonderful event happen ushered us into the auditorium, and soon the kids filed down the aisles and into their seats. Every door was opened because we knew we were going to be loud, and then the music began. It warmed my heart to look out into the crowd and be greeted with nothing but smiles.

In between songs, members of PsiEK stepped forward to talk about being in band and playing an instrument. We explained the importance of music to us, in hopes that we might inspire them to take it up. The children were incredibly engaged with what we said, and surprised me with their knowledge of music and instruments. The students and teachers asked us questions and took a genuine interest in our answers. Lily Krol flawlessly taught them all the 8-clap as we wrapped up our performance, but before we could leave, the students demanded an encore. We happily obliged, and after one last song, we departed.

Sharing our love for music with the students at Richland Elementary was not only fun for them, but rewarding for us. Never have I experienced such pure joy and fascination as when I play for children, and I sincerely hope we inspired them all to explore music for themselves.