PsiEK Date Night

PsiEK Date Night is a reoccurring event organized by the Director of Brotherhood/ Sisterhood Relations of Kappa Kappa Psi and Tau Beta Sigma at which brothers and sisters, paired randomly, are able to build individual bonds and friendships with one another by going on a group “date.” This quarter, we planned a classic date of dinner and a movie in the spirit of Valentine’s Day. We were even able to make perfect pairs because we had an equal number of brothers and sisters attend the event! The plan was to watch Lady and the Tramp at the El Capitan theatre in Hollywood and have dinner after the movie.

As we made our way to the theatre, however, there was news of a bomb threat nearby, and the road to get to the theatre was blocked off. We then decided to head down to Mel’s Diner for some tasty burgers, fries, and milkshakes. After we finished eating, the amazing Mark Cunningham and Matthew Wu invited all of the brothers and sisters back to their apartment so we could watch Lady and the Tramp, and the majority of the group ended up going to watch the movie. Despite the bomb threat, everyone seemed to have a really good time and bonded over this crazy, unforeseen circumstance. This will definitely be an event we will continue doing, but next time we will hopefully be able to make it to the theatre without any trouble.