DLC Instrument Supply Drive

At this year’s DLC, our TBS Vice President of Special Projects, Jenni Thornton, and KKPsi Member at Large, Jake Rocco, coordinated an instrument supply drive. We had a “competition” of sorts to see which chapter could bring in the most donations. Brothers and Sisters brought everything from valve oil to instructional books to instruments. Alpha Chi came out on top, making the most donations to the drive. They were followed by Omega and Beta Omicron.

Psi and EK, charged with finding a deserving school to offer the instruments and supplies to, reached out to the Alain Leroy Locke College Preparatory Academy in Los Angeles. Since their music program was reinstated in 2014, the Psi chapter has been lending them a helping hand here and there. Their director, Mr. Matthew Cotton (an alumnus of Kappa Mu in Georgia) was thrilled to hear about the possibility of new instruments for the program. We are happy to report that the bulk of the donations went to Mr. Cotton’s program at Locke, where they will be put to good use for years to come!