District Leadership Conference

PsiEK actives having a great time at DLC!

The Western District’s 2017 District Leadership Conference was hosted by the Psi and Epsilon Kappa chapters this year in sunny Los Angeles. KKPsi and TBS chapters alike traveled from all over the Western District to crash in the host members’ apartments and dorms. The theme was “What’s Your Leadership Story?” and the District Officers present led workshops that reflected on each members’ past. The goal was to see how all the leaders we’ve met in our past as well as our previous leadership positions have influenced the type of leader we are now. The weekend’s service event took place at the Veterans Affairs Healthcare Center on Wilshire, where brothers and sisters performed patriotic songs for the residents. In their downtime, guest chapters got to explore the city, from walking through Westwood to driving to the Santa Monica beach. The convention was a learning experience for the host chapters, and there was much love in the bond throughout the weekend. Thanks again to Tia Liu (Psi) and Susie Carlos (EK) for leading the DLC committee!

DLC attendees eating lunch and getting ready to rehearse for their performances at the VA Healthcare Center! Photo Credit: Michie Lecesse