Brotherhood Spotlight – Joey Auer

Joey Auer (ΒΤ)

Class: Beta Tau
Year at UCLA: 2nd
Majors: Political Science and Economics
Instrument: Tuba
Favorite Bruin Athlete: Thomas Welsh–they had an Economics class together during the summer session. After their final exam, Welsh approached Joey and they walked and talked together for a bit. Joey respects how incredibly humble Welsh is despite his success and renown as one of the starting players on the men’s basketball team.

About Joey:
Joseph Auer, a second year political science major and better known to the general public as Joey, has thrown himself into band and Kappa Kappa Psi with much fervor. His fondest memory of band camp was getting to know everyone in band through the different socials set up such as Ice Cream Social. He really enjoyed the socials with his section, as well. Joey also loved learning the run-on during his first band camp, specifically because of the tuba figure-8s; the concept was so new, and they practiced it once before jumping into rehearsal for the real thing.

To Joey, the coolest thing about being in marching band is the friends he’s made in it; he loves how, despite everyone having such diverse interests and passions, everyone comes together because of the common love they have for making music and playing their instruments, and if it weren’t for band, many of us wouldn’t have had any reason to get to know each other.

Joey doesn’t just enjoy the social aspect of the marching band, however; the most impactful experience he’s ever had in the UCLA Marching Band was the first time he ever played at the Rose Bowl. He’d never performed for so many people before and for his first ever pre-game, it was an almost unreal experience to hear so many people doing the 8 clap while the marching band played “Bruin Warriors” and “The Mighty Bruins”. For him, it was this overwhelming feeling of belonging to something so much bigger than himself that made the experience so memorable.

Kappa Kappa Psi has become a large, positive experience and influence in Joey’s life. It has allowed him to develop his relationships with people in band even further and has pushed himself to strive for the highest in every aspect. In particular, Joey likes the maturity of the brothers and the level of professionalism that we all exhibit in appropriate situations. He describes himself as “a pretty goofy, easygoing person”, and through Psi has been able to develop a greater sense of professionalism that he thinks will help him in the future.

Since becoming a brother of Psi, Joey says his favorite activity in Psi is Beach House. He loves how we get to spend so much time with everyone and how the whole event is steeped in brotherhood, something we don’t experience to that full extent in some of the other activities that we do. He’s incredibly proud to be a part of Kappa Kappa Psi and the Psi chapter, and though this year hasn’t been without its difficulties, he is appreciative of how Psi has handled difficult situations and how we’ve all grown as a chapter.