Alumni Spotlights

This quarter, the Alumni Relations Committee interviewed several alumni members of Psi! We had a great time and would love to get to know more of you; if you would like to chat with us, please leave your name and email address HERE!

Here are some highlights from this quarter’s interviews:

Derek Lee (ΒΜ)
Years in Psi:
Big Brother: Heather Dennis
Little Brother: Dakota LaFee
Officer Positions: Director of Service, State Days Co-Chair, Western District Vice President
Major: Neuroscience
Derek is currently working on getting his MBA from Northwestern University. Before going back to school, he worked at DaVita HealthCare Partners, Inc., where he led teams of analysts working on driving revenue growth and adapting to changes in the healthcare system. In his free time, he listens to podcasts, and has recently gotten back into indoor rock climbing. he travels around the world–he has been to Iceland, Canada, and Africa, and has plans to visit Southeast Asia. He enjoys the having a predictable schedule and the independence that comes with having an income, but sometimes still thinks about dorm food, especially the all-you-can-eat part.

Christian Tanja (ΒΗ)
Years in Psi:
Big Brother: Will Kim
Little Brothers: Jason Hyde, Michael Miller, Ron Schwartz
Officer Positions: Treasurer, Vice President
Major: Psychbiology
Minor: Education Studies
Christian currently works as an Outreach and Selection Officer at the Institute of International Education in New York. He is also an admissions reader for UCLA–every year, he reads hundreds of UCLA applications. Prior to that, he spent three years working as a college counselor in China. In his spare time, he plays volleyball, sings in a chorus and beatboxes in an acapella group, runs half-marathons, dances, and cooks. He enjoys meeting new people outside of UCLA, but also misses the connection you feel to the people you’re surrounded by at UCLA.

Alberto Reyes (BΣ)
Years in Psi: 
Big Brother: Tommy Reyes
Little Brother: Clare McCreary
Officer Positions: Director of Brotherhood-Sisterhood Relations
Major: Statistics
Alberto is currently a Research Associate at Cedars-Sinai, where he works in a dry lab analyzing data on ovarian cancer heritability and environmental causes, which will eventually translate to treatment and detection methods. In his free time, he enjoys practicing martial arts and watching Netflix. He will soon be joining a gym as well! He loves having free weekends now that he has graduated from UCLA, but misses being a short walk away from all of his friends.