TV With Brothers

thebachelorA new brotherhood bonding event that has occurred over the course of the fall quarter was Bachelor Viewings. Viewings consisted of brothers coming together on Friday or Sunday evenings to eat tons of amazing snacks and watch Jason Mesnick find “true” love  on the 13th season of The Bachelor. Although the show operates on the pretense of true love, we enjoyed laughing at the fabricated drama and hilarious facial expressions of the Bachelor. We bonded over great food, such as homemade stuffed jalapeños and kettle corn. We laughed until our stomachs hurt, gasped at the drama, and argued about favorite contestants. We learned to appreciate the importance of a private relationship and the value of not judging others by appearance. Zach Freeman, one of our brothers who was apprehensive about watching this show, came to look forward to meeting with the group to see who would go home next from the show. Many hoped that viewing a television show together would be a bonding experience, but no one foresaw what a wild success the Bachelor viewings would be! Next quarter, we will be finishing the last two episodes, and we look forward to watching a new show together!