PsiEK Alumni BBQ

It was very exciting to see our alumni brothers and sisters at Band Alumni Reunion, but the hectic game day flew by in a flash, leaving us craving more quality time with them, so on October 23rd, the day after Band Alumni Reunion, actives and alumni of Psi and Epsilon Kappa gathered at Veteran Park for some food and fun. That morning, Julia Karstens (ΒΡ), my EK counterpart Samantha Chavez, and I went on a BBQ shopping spree at Ralphs before heading over to the park. Shortly after, alumni began to trickle in! We started the grill and began to snack as we waited for the active members, who were performing at a women’s soccer game, to arrive. About an hour later the actives arrived and the party began!

Here are some highlights from the afternoon.


Before the majority of the actives arrived.


After the arrival of the actives.


Members of the Effleurage Family, reunited.


Jason Moore explains what the world looks like from a higher altitude.