Hiking With Brothers & Sisters

bshiking_aalbini_10152016On October 15, brothers and sisters met up to go on a hike on the Los Leones Trail. Sporting their shades, shorts, and shakos – I mean caps – they trekked on a trail just over a mile in length. Because of the slim trail, the brothers and sisters together made a single file line that was over 20 feet long!


The end of the trail was astounding; the view spanned over the Santa Monica shore and across the Pacific Ocean. Some members used this opportunity to take multiple pictures with their sisters and brothers.

bshiking_sezenwugo_10152016-1Others, concluding that they could go higher, rushed to even higher altitudes on the trail. The two groups then proceeded to have a roaring “8 clap” contest. After the hike down, many brothers and sisters headed to Denny’s to cool off with milkshakes. The hike was a great opportunity to get away from campus and put aside midterms for awhile, and also a great experience for Psi and Epsilon Kappa to continue growing in the bond.