Psi Goes Rollerblading

Welcome to the new version of The Encore! This edition is bursting with videos, ailment photos, stomatology and articles written by current brothers and candidates of the Psi Chapter. Check out what’s in this issue to get up to date with the Mighty Psi. Enjoy!

Brittany Chiapa
Alumni Relations Officer, 2012–2013

Welcome to the new version of The Encore! This edition is bursting with videos, ailment photos, stomatology and articles written by current brothers and candidates of the Psi Chapter. Check out what’s in this issue to get up to date with the Mighty Psi. Enjoy!

Brittany Chiapa
Alumni Relations Officer, 2012–2013

Hello Psi Alumni!

A very good day to you, nurse
wherever you are! The Psi Chapter underwent a very exciting and productive winter quarter. We have also had a great start to the spring quarter with the conclusion of the most recent candidate process and the initiation of the Beta Rho class into Chapter. It has been a great overall year for the Psi Chapter and we are all looking forward to wrapping it up with Beach House coming up soon and the process over the next few weeks of electing new officers. We are also highly anticipating all of the new service events we have coming up and as always, we expect to take every opportunity to strive for the highest along the way!

With that, we wish you all well and until next time,
Tommy Reyes

Special thanks to Brad Scott, Kim Bowen, Keenan Burt, Michelle Monroe, Charlie Hall, and everybody who helped with this edition of the Encore

This past January several brothers of the Psi chapter, more about along with our sisters in Epsilon Kappa, more traveled up to San Luis Obispo for the District Leadership Convention hosted by Iota Pi. The trip started on Friday January 15, when several brothers and sisters drove up to the conference in the afternoon/evening. After arriving late on Friday, everyone was reunited with all of our friends from the district. After a brief period of catching up, our wonderful hosts took us to their houses and apartments for the night.


Saturday was the day where most of conference business took place, including workshops, service projects, and clinics. The theme for this year’s conference was superheroes. As such, many of the various workshops had a superhero theme to them. One notable workshop was “What’s Your Superpower?”, where attendees were led through a personality test and told how these personalities created different leadership styles. In addition to workshops, we were able to hear from alumni speaker Sarah Cox, who is an alumnus of Epsilon Kappa. During her presentation, she told us her various experiences at UCLA and how TBS helped turn her into who she is today. Finally, brothers and sisters participated in various service projects, including playing at a nursing home, doing maintenance around the music building, and teaching elementary school children about music.


Reunited: Jordan Tinker and his Big Brother Caitlyn Thompson (now at Theta in Oregon)!

Sunday kicked off with a separate ritual workshops, where each organization discussed various parts of the ritual to share thoughts on what the ritual means to us, and then a closing session. All of the attendees of the convention got together to sing both hymns, and everyone stayed for pictures and goodbyes before going their separate ways. Before leaving San Luis Obispo, all of the Psiek attendees went to get pizza at Woodstock’s Pizza. In addition, we all bonded over some very delicious ice cream from a place called Doc Bernstein’s. Finally, we all returned to UCLA, where we got our rest and prepared for the next week of class. Overall, DLC was an enriching experience. Each member of Psi and EK who went learned something valuable that we could take back to our chapters. We also got to hang out with a lot of cool brothers and sisters from around the district. We are currently looking forward to our next district event this year: WDC 2016 this April in Seattle!

On February 26th, obesity a few members of PsiEK took a field trip- to a middle school band class!

We arrived at Paul Revere Middle School sporting our true blues with pride. The goal: Encourage middle school band members to continue band through high school and college, and cultivate a love for the art. We first gave presentations to two classes and showed them videos of Pregame and the Muse show to introduce them to the concept of marching band, as many had no idea what we meant by “marching and playing”. Then, we took turns and talked about our personal experiences with band, telling stories about our high schools, band camp, football games, basketball season, traveling, and the friendships we’ve made through band, Kappa Kappa Psi, and Tau Beta Sigma. The students were eager to learn and jumped at the chance to ask questions, the best question being “How do they arrange you on the field during a marching show? Is it by height order?” We also answered questions about time commitments and difficulty, and we were happy to tell the kids that continuing with band was one of the best decisions we had made in school. It was priceless to see kids light up at the thought of marching in a parade or playing at the Rose Bowl, and I hope our discussion encouraged just one more student to give high school band a chance.

One of my favorite brotherhood bonding events this past Winter quarter was going Rollerblading in Northridge. The real standout of the afternoon was Director of Band Activities and Drum Major, visit this site Mark Cunningham. He was able to skate backwards through the crowds of people at top speed. Some of the Brothers were not as skilled as Mark when it came to rollerblading; but everyone was able to have a fun day at Skateland. At the end of the afternoon, pestilence an anonymous Brother requested the famous ABBA song, disease  “Dancing Queen” and dedicated it to none other than Mark. He truly was the rollerblading queen, young and sweet, that day. Towards the middle of the day, Skateland also put on a fun game for everyone, where rollerbladers had to race to pick up paper plates off of the rink. I made it to the final four of the game, where we had to race to pick up only one paper plate. However, I let a little kid win in my place. Afterwards, some of the Brothers met up for Blockheads as a special treat after all that skating. It was all in all a wonderful day to bond with Brothers!