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Cameron Lundy

TR: I’m here with the President of the Psi Chapter, Cameron Lundy. He is fresh off witnessing the UCLA Men’s Basketball Team defeat Tulsa University in the round of 64 of the NCAA Tournament and now we’re sitting down to talk a little bit about his term as President. Cameron, how are you?

CL: It was great. It was a fun game, thanks.

TR: So, what we’re looking for today is a quick update about the year in progress, as far as what the Psi Chapter has been up to in regards to our goals and the purposes of our Fraternity. What have been some of the highlights of your year as President?

CL: I’ve gotten great receptions from Chapter in our recent officer evaluations. I feel like I’m finding a good balance in Chapter and making sure every happens smoothly while not micromanaging too much. I also had good interactions with the Chapter Field Representative in a recent visit as well as with Travis Cross.

TR: I’d like to talk about you a little bit. You’re the first member of drumline in quite a while to be the President of the Psi Chapter. How was your experience this previous marching season playing the cymbals for the UCLA drumline after 3 years as a clarinet?

CL: I had a blast. It was fun to get to know the people of the drumline and getting welcomed into the drumline family.

TR: In your mind, what have been the main changes you have made to the Psi Chapter?

CL: The main changes have been improving meeting efficiency and making sure the officer progresses are organized in Google docs. There haven’t been too many big changes, but people have given me good reviews about the transparency updates during meeting.

TR: You are officially two quarters into your Presidency? How do you self-evaluate your performance so far?

CL: I’d like to think I’ve been doing a good job. I’d definitely like to analyze where I can improve. I’ve put a lot of effort into looking for what aspects of Chapter are in the most need of fixing. I’ve also been doing well in my communications with Gordon.

TR: What’s been your favorite thing about being President so far?

CL: I like getting to do work behind the scenes, coordinating the officers, and doing paperwork. I also like supervising my fellow officers and seeing them lead events and make sure things are running smoothly.

TR: What set of skills does it take to effectively run a chapter meeting?

CL: Setting time limits in discussions, decisiveness, making choices to make it evident you know what you are doing, and making sure chapter has a say when appropriate while still being decisive as a leader.

TR: So, exactly one week from now, we will be hosting Western District Convention. Are you excited? What are your expectations for it?

CL: I’m very excited about it. I’ve been working with all of the sub committees for about a year now and I’m excited to see it come together. We are expecting the biggest attendance of any WDC in history and I’m looking forward to Psi brothers attending and representing.

TR: What are your thoughts about the new Beta Rho candidate class? How have you enjoyed watching they’re candidate process.

CL: I’d say I’ve enjoyed watching this process the same way I’ve enjoyed watching it every year: I enjoy seeing them getting excited about the Fraternity. They seem ambitious and I’m really excited to see them become part of the Fraternity and help with our projects.

TR: What are your aspirations for your final quarter as President?

CL: I’m just looking to follow through on things I have started. I’m definitely looking to stay consistent with our meeting efficiency and I want to improve our methods of doing officer evaluations. Other than that, I’d say I’m past the learning curve as a President and I’m looking forward to a great spring quarter. I also feel like I’ll be more than ready to have the office prepared for the next President.

TR: Sounds great! Cameron, thanks a bunch for your time and enjoy the rest of your stay in San Diego!

CL: Thank you very much! Good luck putting together the Encore!

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Welcome to the long awaited Fall 2015 edition of the Encore. This edition in particular is very exciting for me to publish because it covers a lot of things that I’m sure you will appreciate. Inside these articles, recipe we have information about what it was like to put our memorable and unique shows on the field this year, as well as updates on chapter activities that you may not even know about. Much has changed regarding the band and Psi chapter, with new recurring gigs and long-term service projects becoming great successes and new band staff and chapter sponsors joining us. I am proud of what both the UCLA band and Psi chapter have accomplished this past quarter and hopefully we continue to improve and excel throughout the rest of the year.

Wyatt Watkins, ΒΣ
Alumni Relations Officer, 2015-2016