New Active Perspective

William Shu, ΒΥ

  1. Major?
    1st Year Neuroscience
  1. Big Brother?
    Sukhi Bassi
  1. How did you feel when you were nominated?
    I was really surprised about my nomination; I had barely known that the candidate process was even going on at the time but once I got the nomination I was excited to try.
  1. How was your big brother/candidate process?
    Sukhi was incredibly welcoming and so was my entire candidate class. Joy made the entire process go very smoothly. I had no worries at any time during the process about the fraternity being a wrong fit for me.
  1. What was your favorite thing you did in Psi this year?
    While all of the brotherhood events were especially fun to attend, I think my favorite activity had to have been PsiEK Big Band [organized by DOBSRs Amanda Albini and Laila Saithe]. Getting together and playing music was my main reason for joining the fraternity, and that is exhibited fully in a big band setting.
  1. How was the transition from candidate to new active?
    Transitioning from candidate to new active went really smoothly for me personally. The candidate process was pretty busy and becoming a new active lightened that schedule, but there are still plenty of optional events and opportunities to interact with brothers.
  1.  What aspirations do you have for next year in marching band or Psi?
    I might be looking forward to getting a little, although I’m not entirely sure yet! As far as marching band goes I’m just excited to see what new music we will be playing. I tend not to plan ahead too much, which can be a bad habit, but when the next year comes around I think I’ll decide what I want to accomplish.