Quadly Concert


On Wednesday, May 18th, four UCLA musical organizations joined together for a quadly concert. Members of Kappa Kappa Psi, Tau Beta Sigma, Sigma Alpha Iota, and Phi Mu Alpha showcased their musical talents which varied from playing guitar to singing in harmony.The whole event was humble – it consisted of about 5 acts performed in front of a small, but respectfully engaged, audience sitting scattered across the Schoenberg Choir Room. I had the honor of opening the concert alongside a sister, Emily Tsai; we played a piccolo duet. Although I thoroughly enjoyed the process of rehearsing and performing our wild and adorable piece, I think the audience took more joy out of the fact that we used 4-5 stands to hold up our music and we had to move from one end to another when we had repeats. The concert continued with performances by the lovely Zack Jones and his soothing singing voice accompanied by guitar; Tony Rescigno presented an intricate piano piece; Chris Torres filled the room with a mellow melody on the baritone – accompanied by Zack Jones. The last bit of the concert was filled with a lot of singing… Mack Dimler and Patrick Chestnut graced the audience with a theatrical and comical performance of a duet, “Agony,” from Into the Woods. It was highly snapchat-worthy. Then, the brothers of Phi Mu Alpha sang a series of songs and hymns in beautiful harmony. The concert was something that truly reminded me how important music is in bringing people together, especially in a music fraternity like Kappa Kappa Psi.

Sophia Inaba, BT

Joint Alumni BBQ


In the final weeks of spring quarter, Psi and EK combined forces to help unite brothers and sisters of the past and the present with freshly grilled hamburgers and hot dogs. While many brosters were away in Taiwan with the band, those of us that remained managed to get a little bit more fun in before finals really kicked into gear.We all gathered at the Westwood Recreation Center, a nice park out on Sepulveda with grills, picnic tables, basketball courts, plenty of open grass, and a lot of adorable dogs being walked by their owners. Alumni trickled in through the beginning, including a return visit from Jason Barbato who accompanied the current Psi members to our Beach House trip this year. Alumni Relations Officer Wyatt Watkins masterfully started the grill, without setting the rest of the park on fire, and the grilling commenced. As the hamburger patties and hot dogs grilled, the attendees went about taking full advantage of the park. Board games began to line some of the picnic tables. Epic games of Jenga that were determined by the wind, and card games based on sushi were of particular note. However, it seems that many people were happy simply with conversation. The alumni had a great chance to connect with current brothers and catch up with other alumni, as well as meet some of the current sisters. As Wyatt and alumnus Cameron Lundy finished grilling enough food for everyone, we were all able to partake in the grilled meats, grilled vegetarian options, chips, sodas, and delicious home baked desserts.

The event was not only fun, but also had some great food! Here’s hoping that next year we can continue to have some great alumni events like this one.

Jeremy Rotman, ΒΣ

PsiEK Date Night

This past winter quarter, PsiEK had a date night! On February 6th, Brothers and sisters were paired up into “couples” to get to know each other better and have an excellent night out in fancy clothes. The date night started off wonderfully with a very nice Italian dinner at Sprazzo Cucina in Westwood. The group setting of the dinner was perfect for a date night because everyone could both get to know their partner specifically and strengthen the bond as a whole. After eating our fill, we walked over next-door to the Saffron and Rose for some incredible ice cream. There were so many good and unique flavors and between all the couples, we must have tried every single one. With our hunger taken care of, we all piled into cars and drove to the Getty. After a short tram ride up, we went into the main museum entrance and took a look at all the exhibits. One of the largest and most fascinating exhibits was a collection of tapestries from King Louis XIV. There were videos on what they depicted and how to make them, and everyone was amazed. Outside of the galleries, the Getty offered beautiful views of Los Angeles at night as well as plenty of gardens to wander around in and explore. From the main balcony there was a view that stretched from downtown Los Angeles to the ocean. It was the perfect site for photos, especially because everyone looked so great. PsiEK Date Night was a huge success and a night to remember!


Directors of Brotherhood/Sisterhood Relations Alberto Reyes, Ψ , and Satkartar Khalsa, EK.

John Malchar, ΒΣ
Director of Service 2015-2016

Tri-Chapter Event: Dodger Game!


This past Spring, Zack Jones, a new active of the Beta Rho class, made history on May 9, 2014 when he hosted the first ever Tri-Chapter event with the Brothers of Kappa Kappa Psi, the Sisters of Tau Beta Sigma, and the Brothers of the Sinfonia Fraternity, Phi Mu Alpha. Zack arranged for members of all three chapters to attend a Dodger game together. Ready and eager to see the Dodgers take on the San Francisco Giants, the Brothers and Sisters drove from Westwood to Chavez Ravine for an exciting night at the ballpark.

The Brothers and Sisters took in the game from the reserve level of Dodger Stadium, while enjoying ice cream and several Dodger dogs. Dressed in their letters as well as their Dodger and Giant apparel alike, Brothers and Sisters who’ve