Basketball Trips

Many brothers and sisters got the opportunity to travel with the UCLA men’s and women’s basketball teams to the PAC-12 championship games and the opening rounds of the NCAA tournament. They flew up to Seattle for the women’s championship and bused out to Las Vegas for the men’s championship. When both teams advanced to the NCAA 64, groups flew to Austin, Texas, and Columbus, Ohio. Although it’s always stressful to miss school (especially since the trips were all right before or during final exams), everyone enjoyed traveling to cool locations, supporting our teams, and getting small manila envelopes full of per diem. Congratulations to the UCLA basketball teams and thanks for the trips!

Beta Pi’s First Degree

Congratulations to our newest candidate class, Beta Pi, that just completed their First Degree! Actives, candidates, and guests went out to eat at Hokkaido Seafood buffet afterward. We stuffed ourselves on a delicious buffet that everything from sushi and dumplings to fried chicken and garlic toast (which was surprisingly good). Thanks to everyone who came and we’ll see you at Second Degree on February 23!

L to R, back row: Tommy Reyes, Nathaniel Clark, Christian Youngers, Nick Thompson, Saketh Kasibalta, Mack Dimler, Ryan Dall, Tim Myer, Jim Nelson, Andy Ascensio, Ben Thompson. Front row: Joey Curti, Frank She, Andrew Sincuir, David Merriott, Dustin Randolph, Willa Kang, Guillan Leonardo, Lauren Payne, Malú Alegria, Allen Lipson (behind), Nicole Wells, Justin Sun, Sam Yang. Kneeling: Derek Wun, their guiding spirit.

Open Info Meeting


The band fraternity (ΚΚΨ) and sorority (ΤΒΣ) will be hosting their annual Open Info Meeting after practice on Tuesday, November 28. All band members are welcome! It’s an opportunity to learn more about our organizations and talk to members and see if you’re interested. We won’t begin accepting new members until winter quarter, so this is a great opportunity to see what we’re all about!

Day at the Park

This past January several brothers of the Psi chapter, along with our sisters in Epsilon Kappa, traveled up to San Luis Obispo for the District Leadership Convention hosted by Iota Pi. The trip started on Friday January 15, when several brothers and sisters drove up to the conference in the afternoon/evening. After arriving late on Friday, everyone was reunited with all of our friends from the district. After a brief period of catching up, our wonderful hosts took us to their houses and apartments for the night.2016dlc1

Saturday was the day where most of conference business took place, including workshops, service projects, and clinics. The theme for this year’s conference was superheroes. As such, many of the various workshops had a superhero theme to them. One notable workshop was “What’s Your Superpower?”, where attendees were led through a personality test and told how these personalities created different leadership styles. In addition to workshops, we were able to hear from alumni speaker Sarah Cox, who is an alumnus of Epsilon Kappa. During her presentation, she told us her various experiences at UCLA and how TBS helped turn her into who she is today. Finally, brothers and sisters participated in various service projects, including playing at a nursing home, doing maintenance around the music building, and teaching elementary school children about music.


Reunited: Jordan Tinker and his Big Brother Caitlyn Thompson (now at Theta in Oregon)!

Sunday kicked off with a separate ritual workshops, where each organization discussed various parts of the ritual to share thoughts on what the ritual means to us, and then a closing session. All of the attendees of the convention got together to sing both hymns, and everyone stayed for pictures and goodbyes before going their separate ways. Before leaving San Luis Obispo, all of the Psiek attendees went to get pizza at Woodstock’s Pizza. In addition, we all bonded over some very delicious ice cream from a place called Doc Bernstein’s. Finally, we all returned to UCLA, where we got our rest and prepared for the next week of class. Overall, DLC was an enriching experience. Each member of Psi and EK who went learned something valuable that we could take back to our chapters. We also got to hang out with a lot of cool brothers and sisters from around the district. We are currently looking forward to our next district event this year: WDC 2016 this April in Seattle!

Jordan Tinker, ΒΣ
Secretary 2015-2016