Give Back

Once a brother, always a brother. Whether you graduated last year or decades ago, we value your continued involvement in the Psi Chapter. Below are some opportunities for alumni to give back to Chapter. New ideas are always welcome!

If you are interested in any of these opportunities or have an idea, drop us a line at our contact page or email!


One of the most valuable things alumni can offer actives and each other is assistance with career decisions. Connect with actives and other alumni via our LinkedIn Group, and keep an eye out for upcoming networking events!


Alumni workshops are an opportunity for alumni to give a seminar for active Brothers on any topic of their choosing. In the past, alumni have discussed facing the real world and how Psi has affected them after college.

Dinner for Alumni & Actives

Modeled after UCLA’s Dinner for 12 Strangers tradition, Dinner for Alumni & Actives is a dinner hosted by an alumnus/alumna at which actives and alumni can meet, network, and create lasting friendships. While most of the dinners happen in the Los Angeles area, if you would like to host a dinner in another area, our Alumni Relations Officer can help you get in contact with brothers who live near you!

Alumni Spotlight

No matter how far you’ve moved from Westwood, we want to get to know you! Send our Alumni Relations Officer a short biography of yourself. Include your name, candidate class, instrument, major, what you have been up to since graduation, and any other facts you would like to share with the active Chapter. You will be featured in an in-meeting presentation or in the Encore, or both!

Want to do something extra special? Record a video of your spotlight to be played during meeting, or Skype into a meeting!