Quadly Concert


On Wednesday, May 18th, four UCLA musical organizations joined together for a quadly concert. Members of Kappa Kappa Psi, Tau Beta Sigma, Sigma Alpha Iota, and Phi Mu Alpha showcased their musical talents which varied from playing guitar to singing in harmony.The whole event was humble – it consisted of about 5 acts performed in front of a small, but respectfully engaged, audience sitting scattered across the Schoenberg Choir Room. I had the honor of opening the concert alongside a sister, Emily Tsai; we played a piccolo duet. Although I thoroughly enjoyed the process of rehearsing and performing our wild and adorable piece, I think the audience took more joy out of the fact that we used 4-5 stands to hold up our music and we had to move from one end to another when we had repeats. The concert continued with performances by the lovely Zack Jones and his soothing singing voice accompanied by guitar; Tony Rescigno presented an intricate piano piece; Chris Torres filled the room with a mellow melody on the baritone – accompanied by Zack Jones. The last bit of the concert was filled with a lot of singing… Mack Dimler and Patrick Chestnut graced the audience with a theatrical and comical performance of a duet, “Agony,” from Into the Woods. It was highly snapchat-worthy. Then, the brothers of Phi Mu Alpha sang a series of songs and hymns in beautiful harmony. The concert was something that truly reminded me how important music is in bringing people together, especially in a music fraternity like Kappa Kappa Psi.

Sophia Inaba, BT

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