PsiEK Date Night

This past winter quarter, PsiEK had a date night! On February 6th, Brothers and sisters were paired up into “couples” to get to know each other better and have an excellent night out in fancy clothes. The date night started off wonderfully with a very nice Italian dinner at Sprazzo Cucina in Westwood. The group setting of the dinner was perfect for a date night because everyone could both get to know their partner specifically and strengthen the bond as a whole. After eating our fill, we walked over next-door to the Saffron and Rose for some incredible ice cream. There were so many good and unique flavors and between all the couples, we must have tried every single one. With our hunger taken care of, we all piled into cars and drove to the Getty. After a short tram ride up, we went into the main museum entrance and took a look at all the exhibits. One of the largest and most fascinating exhibits was a collection of tapestries from King Louis XIV. There were videos on what they depicted and how to make them, and everyone was amazed. Outside of the galleries, the Getty offered beautiful views of Los Angeles at night as well as plenty of gardens to wander around in and explore. From the main balcony there was a view that stretched from downtown Los Angeles to the ocean. It was the perfect site for photos, especially because everyone looked so great. PsiEK Date Night was a huge success and a night to remember!


Directors of Brotherhood/Sisterhood Relations Alberto Reyes, Ψ , and Satkartar Khalsa, EK.

John Malchar, ΒΣ
Director of Service 2015-2016

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