Psi Goes Rollerblading


One of my favorite brotherhood bonding events this past Winter quarter was going Rollerblading in Northridge. The real standout of the afternoon was Director of Band Activities and Drum Major,  Mark Cunningham. He was able to skate backwards through the crowds of people at top speed. Some of the Brothers were not as skilled as Mark when it came to rollerblading; but everyone was able to have a fun day at Skateland. At the end of the afternoon, an anonymous Brother requested the famous ABBA song, “Dancing Queen” and dedicated it to none other than Mark. He truly was the rollerblading queen, young and sweet, that day. Towards the middle of the day, Skateland also put on a fun game for everyone, where rollerbladers had to race to pick up paper plates off of the rink. I made it to the final four of the game, where we had to race to pick up only one paper plate. However, I let a little kid win in my place. Afterwards, some of the Brothers met up for Blockheads as a special treat after all that skating. It was all-in-all a wonderful day to bond with Brothers!AEA,
Lily Krol, BΣ

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