Paul Revere Middle School Gig

On February 26th, a few members of PsiEK took a field trip- to a middle school band class!We arrived at Paul Revere Middle School sporting our true blues with pride. The goal: encourage middle school band members to continue band through high school and college, and cultivate a love for the art. We first gave presentations to two classes and showed them videos of Pregame and the Muse show to introduce them to the concept of marching band, as many had no idea what we meant by “marching and playing”. Then, we took turns and talked about our personal experiences with band, telling stories about our high schools, band camp, football games, basketball season, traveling, and the friendships we’ve made through band, Kappa Kappa Psi, and Tau Beta Sigma. The students were eager to learn and jumped at the chance to ask questions, the best question being “How do they arrange you on the field during a marching show? Is it by height order?” We also answered questions about time commitments and difficulty, and we were happy to tell the kids that continuing with band was one of the best decisions we had made in school. It was priceless to see kids light up at the thought of marching in a parade or playing at the Rose Bowl, and I hope our discussion encouraged just one more student to give high school band a chance.

Christina Martin, ΒΣ
Brotherhood Relations Officer 2015-2016

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