Joint Alumni BBQ


In the final weeks of spring quarter, Psi and EK combined forces to help unite brothers and sisters of the past and the present with freshly grilled hamburgers and hot dogs. While many brosters were away in Taiwan with the band, those of us that remained managed to get a little bit more fun in before finals really kicked into gear.We all gathered at the Westwood Recreation Center, a nice park out on Sepulveda with grills, picnic tables, basketball courts, plenty of open grass, and a lot of adorable dogs being walked by their owners. Alumni trickled in through the beginning, including a return visit from Jason Barbato who accompanied the current Psi members to our Beach House trip this year. Alumni Relations Officer Wyatt Watkins masterfully started the grill, without setting the rest of the park on fire, and the grilling commenced. As the hamburger patties and hot dogs grilled, the attendees went about taking full advantage of the park. Board games began to line some of the picnic tables. Epic games of Jenga that were determined by the wind, and card games based on sushi were of particular note. However, it seems that many people were happy simply with conversation. The alumni had a great chance to connect with current brothers and catch up with other alumni, as well as meet some of the current sisters. As Wyatt and alumnus Cameron Lundy finished grilling enough food for everyone, we were all able to partake in the grilled meats, grilled vegetarian options, chips, sodas, and delicious home baked desserts.

The event was not only fun, but also had some great food! Here’s hoping that next year we can continue to have some great alumni events like this one.

Jeremy Rotman, ΒΣ

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