The Downfall of Troy

This year, the Cal and UCLA bands joined forces to pound the evil Trojan empire into the ground once again. This historical (and hysterical) event received coverage on ESPN, the New York Times, and Sports Illustrated!
However, before any of this could happen, war preparations had to be made. Last spring, brothers and sisters took an inventory of Downfall of Troy supplies, and a couple weeks before the show this fall, conducted a test set-up of the horse and forged some new wooden swords.

Everything seemed just fine and dandy, when suddenly it was realized, a single week before the Cal game, that due to the changes made to the tunnel at the Rose Bowl and the time constraints we would be faced with, the wooden Trojan Horse would no longer work! But worry not, for our fearless Director of Service John Malchar was ready to guide us through this disaster!

Using PVC pipe, brothers and sisters constructed a new and improved frame for our beloved horse. With the addition of some duct tape patches on the tarp, he was ready to rock and roll again! And thus, many hours of service later, the wooden horse was dethroned, and the reign of his snazzy and very portable modern counterpart began.

Annie Cheng, BP
Treasurer 2014-2016

F2015_DOTService (1)

Director of Serivce John Malchar celebrates his masterpiece.

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