Performance at the Krieger Child Care Center

Just this past fall quarter, a small group of band members were selected to perform at the Krieger Child Care Center. For those of you who are unaware, Krieger Child Care is a center for “Early Care and Education”, or “ECE”. They provide a place of learning and development for very young children. The Krieger Center was having their annual fall picnic as the marching band arrived. The band walked into the picnic area where all the children and their parents were eating and having fun. The band formed the usual arc and performed a handful of stand tunes. The children absolutely adored it. They were even having their own little mosh pit right in front of the band. Thankfully, no one was hurt.After a couple of songs, one member from each instrument section introduced and exhibited their instrument by playing a ditty or excerpt from a stand tune. Next, they were invited to get more hands on and take a closer look at the instruments in person. The bass drum seemed to be the fan favorite that day. It was an excellent learning experience for the children (and possibly some parents.) The band was given a free meal afterwards, leaving with full stomachs and high spirits.

Eric Hernandez, BP

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