Locke High School and Psi

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Serving our university band program has always been a very important goal to the Psi chapter. However, last year, our director of service for the 2014-2015 school year, Caitlin Thompson, brought the same drive that our chapter has for our band to the band program of Locke High School, located in Los Angeles, California. Once Caitlin Thompson contacted the band director at Locke High School, Mr. Cotton, a bridge was formed that has allowed the Psi chapter to provide its aid in a wide variety of service activities. Last spring, Psi helped provide service to Locke High School in several ways, beginning first by repainting part of the campus. Also, Psi has helped by cataloging and organizing all of the Locke bands uniforms. While currently the high school does not have a marching band, band director Mr. Cotton aspires to soon gather members from the current music groups to form one. New Director of Service in the Psi chapter, John Malchar, has made it his goal to strengthen and expand the connection that his predecessor Caitlyn Thompson formed with Locke High School and has already done so by already leading service events. For example, during 8th week of UCLA’s fall quarter, groups of UCLA band members drove to Locke High School to help with sectionals. With it so early in the school year, I know great things are to come and I look forward to seeing the bond between the UCLA Marching Band and the Locke High School Band become stronger and stronger.  

Tony Resigno, BΣ
Music Chair 2015-2016

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