The Downfall of Troy

This year, the Cal and UCLA bands joined forces to pound the evil Trojan empire into the ground once again. This historical (and hysterical) event received coverage on ESPN, the New York Times, and Sports Illustrated!
However, before any of this could happen, war preparations had to be made. Last spring, brothers and sisters took an inventory of Downfall of Troy supplies, and a couple weeks before the show this fall, conducted a test set-up of the horse and forged some new wooden swords.

Everything seemed just fine and dandy, when suddenly it was realized, a single week before the Cal game, that due to the changes made to the tunnel at the Rose Bowl and the time constraints we would be faced with, the wooden Trojan Horse would no longer work! But worry not, for our fearless Director of Service John Malchar was ready to guide us through this disaster!

Using PVC pipe, brothers and sisters constructed a new and improved frame for our beloved horse. With the addition of some duct tape patches on the tarp, he was ready to rock and roll again! And thus, many hours of service later, the wooden horse was dethroned, and the reign of his snazzy and very portable modern counterpart began.

Annie Cheng, BP
Treasurer 2014-2016

F2015_DOTService (1)

Director of Serivce John Malchar celebrates his masterpiece.

Performance at the Krieger Child Care Center

Just this past fall quarter, a small group of band members were selected to perform at the Krieger Child Care Center. For those of you who are unaware, Krieger Child Care is a center for “Early Care and Education”, or “ECE”. They provide a place of learning and development for very young children. The Krieger Center was having their annual fall picnic as the marching band arrived. The band walked into the picnic area where all the children and their parents were eating and having fun. The band formed the usual arc and performed a handful of stand tunes. The children absolutely adored it. They were even having their own little mosh pit right in front of the band. Thankfully, no one was hurt.After a couple of songs, one member from each instrument section introduced and exhibited their instrument by playing a ditty or excerpt from a stand tune. Next, they were invited to get more hands on and take a closer look at the instruments in person. The bass drum seemed to be the fan favorite that day. It was an excellent learning experience for the children (and possibly some parents.) The band was given a free meal afterwards, leaving with full stomachs and high spirits.

Eric Hernandez, BP

Locke High School and Psi

  LHSServiceDay (4)
Serving our university band program has always been a very important goal to the Psi chapter. However, last year, our director of service for the 2014-2015 school year, Caitlin Thompson, brought the same drive that our chapter has for our band to the band program of Locke High School, located in Los Angeles, California. Once Caitlin Thompson contacted the band director at Locke High School, Mr. Cotton, a bridge was formed that has allowed the Psi chapter to provide its aid in a wide variety of service activities. Last spring, Psi helped provide service to Locke High School in several ways, beginning first by repainting part of the campus. Also, Psi has helped by cataloging and organizing all of the Locke bands uniforms. While currently the high school does not have a marching band, band director Mr. Cotton aspires to soon gather members from the current music groups to form one. New Director of Service in the Psi chapter, John Malchar, has made it his goal to strengthen and expand the connection that his predecessor Caitlyn Thompson formed with Locke High School and has already done so by already leading service events. For example, during 8th week of UCLA’s fall quarter, groups of UCLA band members drove to Locke High School to help with sectionals. With it so early in the school year, I know great things are to come and I look forward to seeing the bond between the UCLA Marching Band and the Locke High School Band become stronger and stronger.  

Tony Resigno, BΣ
Music Chair 2015-2016

Halloween Show 2015

In the staff meeting before band camp, Gordon surprisingly revealed that for the Halloween game, the band would get to wear costumes during the halftime performance.Preparation for the Halloween Show began during band camp, when drum major Tony Rescigno (BΣ) started teaching each section the Thriller Dance during sectionals. The dance was over 100 counts long, and took a long time for the whole band to have it in sync. In the week leading up to the show, the band got more and more comfortable with the move, and began getting excited to perform in costumes in the Rose Bowl on Saturday. On the day of the game, the band had a full rehearsal in costumes before the game, and learned how difficult it would be to march in unwieldy costumes. The rehearsal helped work out some kinks with the Thriller Dance, and the TAs made sure each member was making the dance exciting in order to project the movements into the stands.  

As halftime approached, band members changed into their costumes and headed to the field. The show started with the theme from The Munsters, then the band made a pumpkin on the field and played The Addam’s Family Theme. Ghostbusters was next, where the color guard ran around the field in white sheets and drum majors Adam Fletcher (BO) and Tony Rescigno, who were wearing Ghostbusters costumes, chased the color guard around and sprayed them with fire extinguishers. This portion of the show was the first time the crowd seemed engaged in the show, gaining some laughter and claps. Next, Thriller began. The arrangement started with the main hook of the song, which immediately woke the crowd up. As the song continued, the band started walking like zombies into a block spanning 100 yards. As soon as the crowd saw the zombie walk, they started clapping in anticipation. When the dance started, the crowd got even louder. On the iconic Thriller move, the crowd responded more. Then when the band picked their instruments up to play the Thriller hook one more time, the crowd went crazy. After the last note, the crowd applauded and cheered wildly! The show had one of the best crowd reactions in my four years of marching band.

Nick Thompson, ΒΠ
President 2015-2016