New Active/Active Basketball Game 2014


Beta Xi’s quest for imperfection hit the courts of Saxon on a mild evening in Spring Quarter 2014. The new actives, Beta Rho, arrived with one goal in their minds, hearts, and nostrils: total domination of the old actives. The storylines were set, and basketball could begin.

The old actives trotted out to a standing ovation from the roaring crowd, and with the tip-off the game was underway. Nick “Is that David Brown?” Thompson scored the first three points of the game for the old actives, showing versatility with jump shots and drives. After a slow start, the new actives began to put in more effort. Behind “Marky” Mark Cunningham’s bruising post game and Nick “D-Nutz” DiNiro’s unorthodox jumper and even more unorthodox eating habits, the new actives began to get themselves back into the game.

The old actives decided to change things up by bringing in fresh legs. “Lil” Kim Liang and Noah “De” Moss came into the game, with everyone else questioning the decision to let them on the court. But Noah De “Moss” used his operatic ingenuity to the old active’s advantage. While tying his shoe, he effectively set a screen for the ball handler to break free of the stalwart defense, and for the old actives to push their lead back to 3. “Noah” DeMoss would later leave his last career game to chants of ‘MVP…MVP…MVP’ from the crowd.

With the score 29-26 and the Beta Rho class gaining on the old actives, the old actives grew desperate to make the right play to secure their victory. With all Beta Xi Brothers in, Noah DeMoss’ great defensive play set up the old actives to finish the game, but they still needed to work together to end the game and the grimacing losing streak of the Beta Xi class. After establishing a perimeter setup and several effective passes, the ball landed in the hands of the one and only Josh Daniel “The Admiral” Epport at the top of the key. “The Admiral” fires a shot that soars through the air for what seems like forever. Then, a resounding roar from the crowd boomed as the ball swishes through the net and the old actives storm the court.

The new actives got help from Herman “Get in my van” Lu, as he arrived late. He brought solid ball handling and defense to the new actives, but the old actives continued to put pressure on the new actives with good minutes from Tommy “The ARO” Reyes, Thomas “Freaking Tall” Lindblom, “Big” Mack Dimler, Derek “Chun” Wun, and Ben “Nick” Thompson.

All in all it was a hard fought game, but the new actives could never quite take the lead.

Final: Old Actives 30, Beta Rho 26.

Quest for imperfection: imperfect.

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