The Encore: Winter 2014 Edition

The past several weeks were filled with learning experiences and bonding as the Beta Rho candidate class proved themselves worthy of being called brothers. From visual video service events to cookie delivery fundraisers, psychiatrist pharm from barrels of interviews to weekly educational meetings, ailment from “Who are you?” to “OMG I LOVE MY BIG, ailment ” our freshest new members of Psi have already made deep impacts on our chapter.

At our Third Degree ceremony, we formalized Beta Rho’s official membership into our organization. However, we knew long before then that they were talented, zany, ambitious, motivated, and destined to make it through the candidate process with flying colors.

So here’s to you, Beta Rho. May your contributions to Psi be myriad and recognized, may your passion for music and dedication to service flourish, and may you be the kind of brothers we all strive for.

Psi and EK at Third Degree

Psi and EK at Third Degree


Hello all! It is my great pleasure to announce that the newest edition of the Encore is here, tablets hot off the presses! (Or, health care rather, the computer transistors…?)

Feast your eyes on words proclaiming the news and happenings about topics such as these:
Beta Rho’s candidate process!
Western District events from 2014!
Important current and past members!
Awesome service events!

… and so much more! So, for the low, low price of $FREE.95, why not read about your favorite musically-inclined chapter? You’ll be glad you did!

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